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Private Session

Register your OH4E private session by following these steps.

Private sessions can be done online or face-to-face. As it is private in nature, we will not publish the session in our website or social media. The registration will be done through a separate link.

Step 1: Register your session

Register your private session by clicking on the button below.

*Please register 2-3 weeks in advance prior to the starting date, so there is enough time for you to promote the session.

Step 2: Promote & share the link to your participants

Your session will be up on the private OH4E registration link. The link is 

Please share this link to your participants for them to fill in.

Step 3: Check your participants and send the meeting link to your participants

Check your participants by clicking on the link below. Remember to contact them and send them the meeting link and info prior to your first session.

Step 4: Start your session

Access the guiding materials for your sessions by clicking on the link below. Now you can go ahead and do your sessions!

Download the attendance list and keep track of your participants each week.

Step 5: Request certificates

When you have completed all of your sessions, click on the button below to request for certificates for your OH4E graduates (Participates who have completed all sessions only).

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