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If you feel anxious, tense, worried, and fall sick too often, it might be a sign that stress has taken over your life. However, studies have indicated that meditating regularly can help you relax, restore calm, heal and even improve your health. Therefore, we offer you free access to our meditation and self-healing classes to help you deal with stress, find balance, heal, and support your recovery process.

Heart Preparation

The start of your day sets the tone for the rest of it. So before praying or starting any activity, give yourself some space to relax and unwind. This short guided heart preparation meditation is designed to help you declutter your mind and reduce stress and anxiety in your everyday life.


It is easy to do, for both beginners and advanced meditation practitioners. All you have to do is play this video, close your eyes, relax and enjoy the natural happiness, calmness and peacefulness as your heart is opened and touched by The Blessings from The Creator (or True Source).

Open Heart Meditation® 

Open Heart Meditation® is a natural practice to cleanse negative emotions from your heart, relieve anxiety, reduce stress and help you to feel calmer, more peaceful, and joyful in your daily life. This simple and beautiful meditation brings deep benefits by opening the heart and connecting you to True Source, which is a universal, non-denominational term for The Creator or God (please feel free to replace it with any terminology you are comfortable with).
Also available in 
Mandarin, Spanish, French, and Indonesian. 

Introduction to Self-Healing with Reiki Tummo® Class

If you are looking for a meditation class that helps improve your health and supports your recovery process, you are welcome to try our free Introduction class to Self-Healing with Reiki Tummo®. This short training program is designed to help you get instant energy channeling ability to heal and improve your health physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Deep Breathing Exercise for Healthy Lungs

Most of the time, our breathing is shallow. Hence, our lungs cannot expel the left-over air optimally. In this video, Irmansyah Effendi shares a natural, easy and effective deep breathing exercise to solve this problem. We recommend you do this exercise every day, especially in the morning in nature when the air is the freshest.

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