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You can access some additional resources to help you with your OH4E sessions here

Resources to support your session


How do I find an OH4E partner/team to guide my OH4E Session?

Every eligible guide that has joined the OH4E training are in the Whatsapp group. You can find your partner/team there or you can click on this link to express your interest to find a partner and see the list of eligible OH4E guides.


Is it possible to change the guide combinations for every session? 

Yes, you are allowed to change the guide combinations and find a new partner BUT only when you have finished the entire 5 sessions (Online) or 8 sessions (face-to-face). Please ensure that the guides for every batch remains the same for the entire 5 sessions. 


I want to open a new session but I’m unsure, what am I supposed to do? 

  1. Read the OH4E Guide Manual carefully, if you have any questions, please contact either one of our OH4E coordinators (Silvi or Fiona)

  2. Intern/learn from other OH4E guide’s session by sitting in their session (preferably an OH4E guide that has done a few sessions)

  3. Find a senior OH4E guide or one that has conducted a few sessions to be your partner


I don’t know what my session’s theme/title should be (applicable only for public sessions), what do I have to do? 

Register your session here, so that the coordinators know when your session will start. We will help you to find a theme for your session and make your flyer. You only have to prepare your pretty pictures.

What if my participants want to switch groups after the session starts? 

Please check our google calendar available on the NWL website for other schedules or please contact Silvi/Fiona for more information. 

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