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Free Meditation for You

Open Heart for Everyone (OH4E) is

a global community service that offers

introductory Open Heart Meditation®  for free

that helps you to live a happier and more fulfilling life by experiencing the benefits of the Heart.

What is Open Heart Meditation® ?

Open Heart Meditation® is a natural method

to open, connect and use your spiritual Heart that can be practiced

by beginners at anytime and anywhere. 

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Our Program

Our program consists of a series of

five online or eight in-person one-hour Open Heart Meditation® sessions led by our qualified and trained guides that will help you gradually use

the Heart more and more in daily life to make you feel balanced,

calm and peaceful.


It was a really unique meditation that encouraged me to smile more even during daily activities


Simply Amazing


Very interesting and especially great for those who already have done some basics in meditation! Those who haven't should try it as well!


Benefits of Using the Heart

Leads to a calmer mind and a better mood

Helps overcome stress, anxiety, and depression

Improves mental health

Reduces insomnia and improves sleep quality

Enhances feelings of inner peace and relaxation

Promotes better digestion 

Increases productivity

Normalizes blood pressure

Improves relationships with others

Deepens the connection with our Creator


About Us

Find out about our organization, purpose and teams.

Our Guides

Our guides are qualified and trained Open Heart Meditation® Practitioners.

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