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Connecting deeply with God

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Zara Rahmani, New Zealand PhD Student at University of Otago

I am fascinated how a simple task of sitting still, closing my eyes, touching my heart while deeply breathing and smiling can works miracle in reminding me to be thankful for just being in that blissful moment. It got me believe that if I truly trust that True Source —the highest force beyond our imagination — is taking care of everything, if not all, more than half of my worries and concerns will fade away 👼

I wish instead of all the religious rituals that we've learnt in schools; someone would have just taught us how to be grateful and how to just 'be and enjoy the moment of being', and how to love our 'self' that is gifted by True Source 😇

This course has help strengthen my connection with God. It's been a while that due to some sad events, my relationship with the creator was not an intimate one, as I thought I've been a bit forgotten —lost and disturbed. But over this course, once again I could feel being truly loved and taken care of. To be honest I also felt a bit ashamed that how could I think like that before. It was truly unfair that despite all the blessings in my life, I wasn't deeply connected. I mean maybe I was, but I couldn't feel it.

I'm grateful for the LOVE, LIGHT, and JOY I received throughout the course, which I'm trying to keep up with a bit of the practices I learnt, every morning or later in my bedtime.

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