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Feeling peace, love, gratitude and joy

Updated: Nov 18, 2021


The Open Heart for Everyone group and the wonderful group leaders have changed the life of my heart and the condition of my heart! I didn’t know what to expect but I experienced peace, true palpable love, gratitude, and joy all in these sessions and through these techniques - without even changing my life circumstances.

It was truly amazing. When I first happened upon this group, I was hard hearted and feeling beat up from life experiences. It is still a process but I am so grateful to know of this technique and this approach. It is truly life changing. It sounds silly but I feel like a real life care bear doing a care bear stare and it feels good!

I recommend it fully. I have shared it with two family members as well and they both fell asleep, but they loved it and loved that nap! They woke up feeling deeply refreshed, loved, and open hearted. It has been a true gift and true blessing to have learned about it. Looking forward to more and continuing this journey. Thank you to the founder and to the Open Heart meditation leaders and to the Open Heart meditation leaders and guides, my heart is changed for the better. Thank you.

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